Открытый урок в 1 классе

Открытый урок в 1 классе

Учителя английского языка: Юсупова Д.К., Курдоглян А.В.

The theme of the lesson «Animals»

The aims of the lesson:

1.     To learn new words on topic «Animals» (a horse, a cow, a bird, a bear, a dog, a cat).

2.     To learn using structure It’s a ….


developing– to develop speaking, listening and writing skills.

educational - to learn new words, new grammar structure, new letters and numbers.

Techniques: interactive board, the computer, pictures, cards.

The procedure of the lesson.

I.                  Organization moment.


Good morning, good morning,

Good morning to you!

Good morning, good morning

I am glad to see you!

Учащиеся в ответ приветствуют учителя.

Good morning, good morning

We are glad to see you!

How are you? (Cl. Fine, thanks) Sit down, please.


II. Warm - up:

T: I want to start our lesson with phonetic drill. What can you see there?

P1: dog

P2: cat

P3: bird

P4: frog

T: Now, I’ll read this poem, then repeat after me!

One, one, one, little dogs run

Two, two, two, cats see you

Three, three, three, birds in a tree

Four, four, four, frogs on the floor.

Main part of the lesson

III. Presentation of new material.

T: Now let’s check your knowledge. Translate and say me what animals are: wild animals or pets.

Wild animals
















 So, how do think what’s the topic of our lesson?

P: animals?

T: Yes, you are right, animals! Today we will learn how to name different animals.

IV. Work with the new material.

Colouring pictures with animals

Black spider

Brown bear


Guess who I am…

I have four legs.
My nose is pink.
I’m afraid of dogs.
I like fish and milk.

                                               (a cat)

It is brown.
It has four legs.
It sleeps in winter.
What is it?


I live rivers and lakes.

I eat fish and birds.

I have four legs and a long tail.

I have lots of pretty teeth.                                    


I have four legs and a tail.

I have no teeth.

I can swim and dive underwater.

I carry my house around with me.

I am a…

(a tortoise)

I am yellow and brown.

I have 4 long legs and a very long neck.

I like to eat green leaves.

I am a …

                                                        (a giraffe)

I am small and shy.

I have eight legs.

I eat bugs.

I catch them in my web.

I am a…

                                               (a spider)

 T: To control your understanding of the new words, let’s do this exercise. One by one come to the board and match the pictures in the correct order.

Picture 1: COW

Picture 2: CAT

Picture 3: HORSE

Picture 4: BIRD

Picture 5: DOG

Picture 6: BEAR

Picture 7: ZEBRA

Picture 8: GIRAFFE

Picture 9: CROCODILE

Picture 10: HARE

Picture 11: PARROT

Picture 12: ELEPHANT

Picture 13: DEER

Picture 14: CAMEL

Picture 15: COW


Our lesson is over. Thanks for attention! Good-bye, children!

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