Открытый урок в 1 классе

Учителя английского языка: Юсупова Д.К., Курдоглян А.В.

The theme of the lesson «Animals»

The aims of the lesson:

1.     To learn new words on topic «Animals» (a horse, a cow, a bird, a bear, a dog, a cat).

2.     To learn using structure It’s a ….

The aims of the brain game “I am a Polyglot”

1st  round . Introduction

2nd round .”Who is the fast”

3rd round  “Magic numbers”

4th round .Crossword .”Think and find”

5th round .””Who is quickly?” Write antonyms  of the adjectives  and say it in three languages.

6th round . “Who is clever ” Write the words correctly.

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